cleanriot (cleanriot) wrote,

Mrs. Hoover, it happened again!

Last winter I had to read a bunch of stuff and turned into a commie, remember? Well, now I seem to be having to have to go through a pile of feminism.

I did not plan this. Turns out all the nice stuff I had accumulated on the juicy subject of mahahadness, turns out to be in some way or other, about the negative effects of patriarchal institutions. Bonus Bad pater! Even worse is the families, it seems. Yup, according to many people, the nuclear family is the source of all evil. Mah.

Like last time, I am going through it with one eye squinted. But on the other paw, I'm rounding up the usual suspects for a bout of heated finger-pointing. Then, I'm going to cut my hair and curse some more. Lastly, I'll go back to what I've been saying all along: it's society that's insane!

Other bits that have nothing to do with this:
-pirates are ALWAYS funny
-even syrup is bad when moldy
-"Gone! And you and I both quite crestfallen."
-the more things stay, the more they change the sane
-i like other people's houses
-working on contingency? No, money down!
-i am really a troll, working on troll time, thinking it's wednesday and generally having no sense of time.. or some bits of time and their relations with other bits of time
-i can't take a picture of my new trenchcoat until i've put on a few more pounds. Not fond of the skeletor look. I need more vitamins and hot chocolate with whipped cream. Am contemplating excersise, to be honest,that's bound to build up muscle and make me more robust. So instead of going to pools and make records in floating and holding breath, I'd actually go and swim.

Now, I'm sleepy. Hold my calls!
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