cleanriot (cleanriot) wrote,

Of crossing fences

I have two memories of crossing fences and realizing there was a purpose behind them.

I was running around in the country, in the land above my aunt's farm. The old farm, Dýjakot [Quaghut basically] used to be there, but it had been torn down. There was a long, steep hill that lead to the heath there, and we used to play there as well as in the creek that ran down from the heath. Now this was the horses' pasture, and the sheep were usually roaming somewhere in the hills that lead to the heath, or on the heath itself. I don't remember what I was doing there, only me and the dog on our own secret mission or something. Anyway, I make a beeline from point A to point B, and on that way I find an old fence, really dilapited. I shrug, thinking it's a remnant of something or other and jump over it. Straight into the quagmire. My right foot sinks down at first step inside the fence.

The ground was generally soggy and quaggy in the area, and usually it just resulted in slow-mo walking accompanied with fun slurpy sounds. So I wasn't overly concerned. Until I put my left foot down, in order to pull my right leg up, and that sank too.

I managed to crawl out of it, but lost a very fine welly in the process. When I told my aunt I hadn't realized that that old fence was there for a purpose she swore and said that lambs and even sheep had drowned in the quagmire there. Hence the fence. But what lovely green the colour of that moss...

The other fence-instance I recall happened much later. My friend lived in the student housings near the city airport and I was on my way to visit her. Again, I can't remember where I was coming from, I must have taken a ridiculous bus or maybe I was running an errand in the vicinity. Anyway, I decide to take a shortcut and climb a fence on my way. A tall fence. I was wearing tights as well. But enough on smart decisions. Suddenly I realize that I'm at the actual airfield, complete with No Trespassing signs. I sort of start to scurry and finally get my butt over another fence, into safety. Only one ditch and then a road. Score.

Later, my mother told me a story of my grandfather. He was a ship engineer and used to sail all over the world. Once he was docked somewhere in Russia, during the Cold War. He wanted to get to point B from a point A and being that kind of a person, he jumped over a fence in his way. Turned out he had stumbled into some closed area, something he realized when he got arrested. He was interrigated (by KGB or some sort) for hours and apparantly the Russian secret service had loads of info on him. He had to recount every ship he had sailed on, when he had been on this one and that one, and they had data they could check to see if he was who he said he was. My grandfather had an excellent memory. Basically, his story checked out and they decided he must be who he said he was and that he had a tendency to want to go "straigth" between places. They let him go anyhow.

I can't wait to cross fences abroad.
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Sometimes it's better not to know things until afterwards. I accidentally drove into a restricted area where the Syrian Intelligence Police had their headquarters in Lebanon. Didn’t realise it until I later saw the place on the news and it said that there they kept (and tortured) political prisoners.

Sometimes you don't even have to cross fences, if they forget to close the gate!