cleanriot (cleanriot) wrote,

Late Trenchcoat Minus Haircut

I finally got around to uploadsing the pictures of my new trenchcoat with me in it. The trenchcoat that is. At first I thought I could take the pictures myself, but those turned out to be mostly of the wall and had me concentrating so much I resembled a dead pan. Minus the horns.

I tried to catch the resemblance of Kermit when he wears his trenchcoat

But then I couldn't keep my cool and the session ended abruptly, me in stitches. And then we had coffee

Stay tuned for the heartpalpationally exciting photo event called: Svan reading paper!
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You're looking mighty chic and cool in the top photo!

Oh, have you looked at Lesbókin? There's a picture of Franz Ferdinand where they look like Blur circa 92-4

and therefore also like The Jam

Mod never goes away for long, does it :)
Franz Ferdinand looks, to me, more like golden-age mod.. they use pork-pie hats for instance. Blur on that pic look just scruffy on mod standards.

I love the way The Jam always manage to look extremely eighties somehow. And maybe it's the puritan in me speaking, but that greasy jacket would never have passed as mod in the heyday.

But yeah, there's a reason why mod lingers, read the essay on Skýjaborgir you little! It explains it all! :)
yeah, I thought of qualifying both pics, but really, it's still in the same spirit

I dids read that essay :)
Þessi í miðjunni er mjög töff... umhverfið hefði kannski mátt vera meira spennandi en breiðhyltskt anddyri.
Já ég veit, fannst bara off að fara út og stilla mér upp við tré eða eitthvað þannig stúpid. Ég hefði þurft svona múrsteinsvegg til þess að geta náð fram einhverju kúl í umhverfinu, á engan svoleiðis samt.
Múrsteinsveggur! Minnir mig á þetta hér, ótal hörmulegar myndir af ótal slæmum hljómsveitum.
Ég var meira að hugsa þetta hérna
ég skil ekki alveg tengsl popp-tónlistar og múrsteinsveggja, en tengslin eru nokkuð sterk
cool! very 1940s/1950s :)
Thanks! It's also very Kermit :)