cleanriot (cleanriot) wrote,

Dayings and nigthings

My duvet has turned into a thin excuse for a cover. I guess all the down took off into some fascinating unknown realm. That or turned into dust. Ashes even.

To compensate for the loss I turned to the closest thing available: boyfriend. As tempting as it was to use him as a new, warm cover I decided that I would spare him, especially since I tend to give my duvets quite a hard time, by twisting them around in a knot so fierce it would even have scared The Great Houdini.

I just all happened so fast. I can remember the day I got it. I was so young that I was actully angry about getting a new duvet. I liked my old one. I had worked it in. Grown used to it. I found this new one far too newfangled and outlandish. Hic.

This one has become as dear. But it's nearly useless. So instead of turning to the closest available, I turned to his property: his thick, rich and creamy duvet. I nicked it. Then I woke up one night and found my boy going: brrrrr in his sleep next to me. I was overcome with guilt. Rather I go cold. And I did. For a few nights I slept with my old duvet. Then, I couldn't handle it anymore. I stole the good duvet again. Next night I promised compensations if I could have it. Then the night after that I returned it to original owner. Etc.

Then I got a brilliant idea, and not a moment too soon! I took the OTHER duvet boyfriend had used during warm summers abroad. On it's own it was completely useless... but combined with my old useless one it made a good one. I put it into the covers of my old one, while giggling madly with the glee of invention. Boyfriend's suspicion got raised and he asked me from the next room what I was doing.


.... "heeheehee"...

Then I asked him if he didn't like his duvet.

"MY duvet? So this is why you were giggling you little grallari"

I just giggled some more, jubilant having solved the problem.

The day after he told me that the new duvet was really heavy. I couldn't understand why two shreds would suddenly become really heavy when put together, so I decided to try the new one. It was a bit on the heavy side, but it was also warm and soft and good. I concluded I should just keep it. I really like it, and I'm not getting a new new one. Got my old one, and boyfriend's old one, it's newfangled and outlandish but I love it still. And I'm warm and he's warm. Everybody's happy. And asleep
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